New play mode in BiteMe!Cards

My game keeps changing shapes. It went from RPG to board game and now it has become a card game. I won't go too deep in how it happened... 

But the card game itself, is changing as well. By now, there is 39(!!!) different cards available, each with their own values and skills. 

What has changed?

  • -New play mode!
  • -New cards!
  • -New tables!

New Play Mode!

In the 1st version, you had to win games to gain gold and use gold to buy cards. Your deck would grow slowly and it would never end. If you had enough cards, you could pick 3 types of games: Short, standard and long.

I scrapped that. Now everyone starts a run with a short 8 card game. You will battle one of the easier opponents first. After each game, you will unlock 3 more cards, and your enemy decks will grow with you.

Enemy decks get harder the longer a run lasts. And the run lasts until you lose 3 games. Win more games in a run to make it on the score board, then try to beat your own score!

New cards!

New cards have been added to the game!! 

New Tables!

I can be quick about it, I thought the table was ugly, so I redesigned it. I also added one with a festive theme for the holidays.

One last thing

I totally forgot about this before... But I have added credits to the game. :p

Wanna try the improved game?

No download required!