Playable preview BiteMe!Dice

BiteMe!Dice is the board game edition of the BiteMe! RPG I am creating. It is completely created in RPG maker MV,  and I developed the board game system myself. Also the way cards are handled, is completely done by myself.

About a week ago I uploaded the first online version of this local multiplayer game to Itch. I got some feedback and took out some bugs. Then I uploaded an updated version and shared the link within the RPG maker community, for more feedback. I did get more feedback and some bugs were reported again. (Even though I already fixed the bugs when they were reported. Just not in the most recent online version of that moment.)

By now, the basics of the game should be fully playable. However, the game is still in an early stage of development. There are only 6 cards in the game so far (split among 2 decks of 3 cards each). Obviously those are supposed to be way more cards. 52 per stack even! So I got a lot of work still to do.

Then there is quests... Right now, quests don't do much. When you land on a Accept Quest, it gets activated, and when you land on a Return Quest tile, you get $10 per active quest. I play to put actual quests in here, but how? ... That is still a secret. Even to me! Haha. I am still breaking my head over this.

Another thing I am still breaking my head over is what happens when 2 players end up at the same tile. Right now, nothing happens. The scene will just play as if the other person wasn't there. I am thinking about some kind of battle between the 2 players. Or, maybe they get some kind of bonus. I am not sure how I will do this just yet. 

Also... The game is pretty much unwinnable at this point. The winner is the first who reaches lvl 10. However... The only way to level up is by winning challenges when you draw a card. You need to win a lot of them to level up to lvl 10, and there are only 3 cards per stack. It is possible... But you'll be playing the same 6 scenes over and over... I bet that gets boring pretty fast.

Even though the game is still in an early stage of development, you might want to check out what I made so far. You can play the game directly in your browser, you don't have to download anything. It also works on most phones, but I advice using a wifi connection. It is not a huge game, but still, every image that loads is data. 

You can find my game here: 
(Secret link, because the game is posted privately, since it is far from finished)

Oh and if you check out the preview, make sure to let me know what you think!