10,000 hours in MV! That calls for a celebration!

Oh yeah! Oh yeah! I've hit that milestone, and right before MZ comes out as well!! I have spend 10k hours in MV, at this very moment!!

Well, while I type this, the ticker is still at 9,999 but... I am pretty sure that, as soon as I open MV, this will change within minutes. (Yes, I closed down MV on purpose, to stop the clock so I could write this update and not miss the 10 milestone.)

I've got to know many of you in those 10,000 hours pretty well, and you have seen a lot of me over the years as well. But there is 1 thing, many of you wanted to see, but I refused to show so far. (And no, it is not my "little Johnsson".)

To celibrate my 10k mark, some of my followers will be granted an exclusive insight in my local-multiplayer board-game. They get to play this, with their friends, for free!

Want to know how to win this access? Just check my facebook page!