Sunday Masquerade!

Hear, hear! Come and gather! The Sunday Masquerade came to town! When, you ask? Well, sunday! And the beauty of it all is... It is all free!

At the Masquerade everybody can be anybody! If you are sick of being a loser, or maybe wants to know what that being a loser feels like for a few hours, than the masquerade is just for you!

But... You can not take your mask of until the end of the night. Those are the rules. If you break them, we kick you out. Because the Masquerade is not about the man or woman behind the mask, but about the character they represent.

Of course you are welcome back... If you put on a new mask and get in a new roll.

Drinks will be free, but you have to bring them yourself! You don't have to bring enough for everybody, just for you and me!

I hope to see you all at the Sunday Masquerade!


Character Template. You are free to make your own.
But you need to make a new character every week.
Sunday Masquerade is a voice channel roleplay, which we try to start on discord. Each sunday players come in as a new character. And the Game Master (GM, which can be someone else every week) prepares a story. This story has to start at the masquerade, but can go anywhere from there.

This is not one of those roleplays where the GM talks for hours, and the players just sit there. Players get turns to speak and optionally do an action, then the GM (aka narrator) shorty describes the scene between player 1's turn and player 2's turn. Then player 2 takes over.

The players get more speaking time than the GM.

If the story allows players to team up, or battle each other, that is all up to the GM of the week. Battles are fought by dice rolls and basic stats.

Stories do not advance into the next session. Each sunday we start fresh as new characters at a new Masquerade. So if you miss a week, that is alright.

However, there is one rule... You can not break character at any time. If you got to pee, you pee in character. If you break character, you are unmasked and you have to leave the chat immediately (gamemaster will mute you instantly, so keep the game flowing, and makes an excuse why you're suddenly gone). You're not out of the game, just yet. You can come back, with a new mask, and therefor a new character. Still be careful, though... 3 strikes is out (for the night).

Lets hope it doesn't happen, but if you really break character 3 times, and get muted for the rest of the session, you are still welcome to listen in, and talk on the OCC channel.

You might have noticed I keep saying "you". And that is, because I want you to play with us. As I said, we are stilling trying to get this started.

If you think this an interesting idea, and you have discord (mic required!), then join us!

The server mainly contains RPG maker games developers. If you use RPG maker too, that would be nice, but it is not required to RP with us.