LIVE TONIGHT: First reveal BiteMe:Dice

Hello everyone,

Tonight at 8 pm my time (That is 7 hours from now) I am going live and show my multiplayer board game for the first time! If you want to see, make sure you come to my discord server! Trusted members will be given the option to give live feedback, while I show the game!
Make sure you do not miss it. That is 8pm, my time. (7 hours after I post this)

The board game is called BiteMe!Dice. It fits the BiteMe theme, and sticks to the story. It is a monopoly-like board game, with RPG-like elements... Or maybe it is a Final Fantasy-like game with board game elements. Anyhow, the game is 100% original and designed by myself, including the board game engine!

I hope to see you all at the first reveal in 6 hours and 55 minutes. ;)

The presentation will take place in my discord server: