Devlog: Zombiegotchi

If you're reading this, you might wonder what that new window on the right side of my website is... That is your new zombiegotchi. You got to feed it every day, in order to have it survive as long as possible.

In order to survive, you need to find and catch humans. You dis by clicking the game, and after that you just just your arrow keys to walk.

Once you found a human, they might run away. When this happens, hold the shift button to catch up on them.

If your zombie is 100% fed, it will survive another 48 hours. But if you forget about your zombie, it will starve.

When this happens, you will be assigned a new zombie and you can play again, but your age will be reset to 0 days.

You can be assigned 64 different zombies!

All characters from BiteMe!TheSeries are potential food in for your zombie. And you can roam the entire map of BiteMe!TheSeries.

I hope you all enjoy this little minigame and I can't wait to see the first zombie reach his first birthday.