Devlog: Shaping the database for BiteMe!

I have been so busy working on the story flow in the game, but I had hardly set up anything so far. To that has changed.

The database now has a scala of entries:
  • 24 power-ups
  • 17 weapon types
    • 5 weapons for each type (makes 85 weapons)
  • 27 armor types
    • 5 armors for each type (makes 135 armors)
  • 14 new states of which:
    • 9 are hunger, thirst and rest related
    • 2 are only used for conditions to see if characters got killed and/or turned
  • 16 different tilesets
    • 9 of those are bought
    • 7 of those are edits I made from the bought sets
And those edits is what I want to tell you  a little more about. those sets are all house-interior sets. They all have beds, tables, kitchens, tv's etc etc.

I made 7 different sets (and plan to make more) where all those items are located at exactly the same place. This way, I can make 1 house, with poor mans furniture, and change it in-game to a luxury palace. Or... I can change the look of a house in-game, after it has been raided or overrun by zombies.