Devlog: I had a bad idea.

I thought it would be nice if NPC's would react the same way, no matter where you meet them. So I used a plugin (EventCopier by yanfly) to make one event that would be useful on all my area's.

It would get more or less options depending on the time of day, the characters you've met and the choices you've made.

But since my characters also act on the clock, this would be a problem. If I want an NPC to go to bed at 11 PM, I need a move route to make them move towards their bed. But that move route would be different on all maps. And if I use copied events, they will all have the same move route.

So I have to scratch that idea before I even finished it. I am just happy I found out after altering the first NPC... Not after the last. :p Now it only costed me 1 hour, not 10.