Devlog: Introduction

This is my first devlog for BiteMe!theSeries.

For those who follow me for a while and those who are part of the same game developers groups probably have seen the title BiteMe! before. And that is right. I have had several set ups made for this story, all with different kinds of game play. But if you actually have played a BiteMe! title before, you have probably seen BiteMe!Twins. This one was by far the most promising and the only one I have shared publicly, even though it is just a demo.

The series will be different from the game I have shared before. It will be more story driven. Choices you make will be a huge part of the game. You choose who will live, or die. You choose who will be your friends, and who will be your enemy. You can join any character you meet in the game (assuming they are alive), you can rob any character you meet in the game (again assuming they are alive) and you can kill any character you meet in the game (still assuming they are alive).

Killing NPC's

If you decide to kill an important character, your story will change. But there will always be a fail safe, so you can always finish the story. For example: Someone might open a door for you in order to complete the story. If you kill this NPC, you will loot the key to this door.

However it might seem fun to kill every character in the game, this might be a very bad idea. NPC who are killed in battle, or otherwise, will turn into zombies. After they die, you might see more of those NPC's than when they are alive.

Once an NPC has turned, this is final. The series is supposed to run for a while, and new character will be added over time... But at some point you are going to run out of conversation starters.

Time, weather and health

I made a time system that keeps track of in game time, date, seasons, holidays and of course a day and night system. Inside you can turn on the lights at night, for a better view, and outside it will rain from now to then.

But time also controls your health. When you eat, sleep or drink, you will feel better, but the longer you lack those three activities, you will get sick. Each of the 3 has their own buffs ans debuffs:

  • Well Fed: Extra max Health
    • Fed: Everything is normal
      • Hungry: Less max Health
      • Starving: Even less max Health

  • Well Hydrated: Extra max Action Points 
    • Hydrated: Everything is normal
      • Thirsty: Less max Action Points
      • Dehydrated: Even less max Action Poins

  • Well Rested: Extra Agility
    • Rested: Everything is normal
      • Tired: Less Agility
      • Exhausted: Even less Agility
Sleeping also skips in-game time. You can sleep up to 12 hours at once. This will come handy if you want to go to the mall, but it is 1:00 in the middle of the night. Just sleep 8 hours, and it is morning. Sleeping hours will still affect hunger and thirst. So make sure you are up in time for breakfast.

Meals will be served at the same time every day. Make sure you get your meal in time, because if you miss it, you have to wait until the next. You can find them in any house, as long as you either have the key or the owner of the house is in your party.

  • Breakfast
    • 07:00 am ~ 09:00 am
  • Lunch
    • 11:00 am ~ 01:00 pm
  • Dinner
    • 05:00 pm ~ 08:00 pm

Fast Travel

Some have seen the opening of BiteMe!theSeries already. And those to looked beyond where the marker takes you, might have discovered my fast travel system. When you leave any area, you will be driven around by a taxi cab.

This is about to change. With the next update, you will not play as Remco anymore, but a new main character will enter the story line. A motor chick, who ends up in the wrong city at the wrong time. The taxi cab is fired. This babe rides her own bike trough town.

The system it still pretty much the same. I had to make some changes, but the transformation went smoothly.

Follow me now!!

I got a lot more to tell, but... I think I will save the rest for tomorrow. Not only do I think this becomes a lot to read at once, I also think this becomes a lot to write. I am losing focus. So I am going to make some coffee and press that send button, but not before I ask you all to follow all updates about BiteMe! on facebook. It's free, unlike my coffee, so why not?

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