Devlog: Alpha test is running

The battle system I was working on is up and running. I did encounter a few problems, which delayed the alpha test, but I managed to fix it.

There are still some issues I work on, but I for the alpha test, the system is complete enough.

So... What kind of problems are you hitting?
Problems I have are deverse. One of them was a wand. This wand replaced the basic attack with another skill, when it is equipped. However, when the selected actor wanted to cast the spell, nothing happened. No animation, no damage, nothing. And it took me 2 days to dins out what went wrong.

Okay... What went wrong?
Halfway I found out the spell required a dagger. And this was bad, because the skill was only known to the actor if he carries a wand, not a dagger. Convinced this was the problem, I posted about it on the steam forums right away. And yes, right away means even before I tested if everything was okay now...

But everything was not okay, right?
Nope! After I posted how stupid I was and how even more stupid the cause was, I found out this was indeed a problem, but not the only one. The actor did still not move a muscle on their turn. So I was back to square one.

By then I already checked all the plugins, all the notetags trough out the project, all the skills, the weapons, actors, classes, traits, enemies and troops multiple times. But no matter what I tried, nothing helped.

So, here we were... Everything I could think of was checked and still the spell would not cast. And by now, 2 days have past. Crap!

But now it is fixed?
When you find a beast,
you can name it yourself.
Other minions can not be renamed
Heck yeah, now it is fixed! Do you want to know what the problem turned out to be? If you thought requiring a dagger on a skill for a wand was stupid, then wait till you read about what actually went wrong.

No, no-one wants to wait. Just tell us already!
Okay, okay. Keep your pants on. The problem was, and this is really really REALLY dumb... The problem was that I checked everything in the project I could think of maybe ten times, but here was 1 thing I did not think of once.

Come one, stop spinning around it.
Okay, here it comes. I never thought to check the formula of the skill. And it turns out that is where I made the mistake. Instead of "... / 2" it said "... \ 2".

This is something I would have seen immediately if I only thought to check the formula. But I didn't. It is only when I finally removed the "autobattle" flag to see what the skill does when I use it myself, that I noticed the skill did 0 damage. I wanted to see why they got 0 damage, that is how I found the mistake.

And if an actor has autoplay, and do 0 damage, they will just not perform the skill at all. They will just skip their turn. And... I did not know this! If only I know, or even thought suspected, that a character would skip turns if damage output is 0 or below, I would not have been stuck for 2 days.

So, those days I wasted?
I don't see it this way. I am delayed, but I learned something important. Now I know that autobattle characters skip their turn if their damage is too low... But more importantly I learned to never forget about the formula. I did not think about checking the formula once, not for a second. And that is a mistake I will never make again.