Clock & Calendar Workshop gets a plug-and-play plugin!

 Hello everyone,

I got some exciting news! Many of you may have seen one or more games I have made. It is more likely that you have seen the systems I've created to make games with in RPG maker.

One of my most popular projects, is the Clock and Calendar Workshop. This is a workshop that teaches the user to create a fully functional calendar in the game. This project turns day into night and summer into winter and the other way around. 

This is great for those who want to learn how to make maximum use of the variable actions available in RPG maker. But it would be quite a chore for those who just want to use the clock + calendar, without learning and setting it up themselves.

So I turned this system into a plugin! Everything the workshop teaches you to do with events, is automated into this plugin. This includes: 

  • In-Game Clock
  • In-Game Calendar
  • Skipping time by sleeping or waiting
  • Day/Night
  • Winter/Spring/Summer/Autumn
  • Weather
  • Hunger/Thirst/Fatigue*
Which can easily be used for:
  • In-Game Holidays, with Holiday Events.
  • Closing times for stores
  • Timed quests
  • Creatures showing up only during day or night-time
  • Curtains closing at night, opening up in the morning
  • Breakfast, lunch and Dinner being serves only at the appropriate times
  • Area's being guarded only at certain hours
  • Making NPC's go to sleep at night 
  • Destory the world after X days if the day isn't completed
  • Making in-game birthdays for every single character in the game
  • And so, so much more. If it is linked to time, this plugin will make it happen

(*Hunger, thirst and fatigue are party debuffs when you did not eat, drink or sleep for a long time. The debuffs are applied to and removed from the whole party at once. Meaning, when 1 actor eats, all actors are cured of hunger.)

The user can choose how many days there will be in a month. This means every month has as many days as the next. They can create months just by adding a name into the parameter. They can create weekdays just the same way. And many names are in that parameter, automatically decides how many months go in a year or how many days go in a week. 

The plugin stores the current year, month, day, hour an minute each in their own variable. Those variables can by used by the dev in any condition, the same way you normally would check a variable:

In this example, the curtains open at 7am.
The first tab and the last tab have closed curtains,
and the condition in the last tab is > 19.
So the curtains close again at 19:00, which is 7pm.

The plugin also saves a time-stamp, a date-stamp or a combination of the two in designated variables.

In the example I use real names of weekdays and months, but this system us actually meant for fantasy calendars. The user can, and should, put their own names in for weekdays and months. A calendar as we know it, will have some flaws, since every month is set to have the same length. So either February will have to many days, or March will not have enough. And a year with 12 months and 30 days per month, will have 360 days instead of 365.

I might make a version for a real-life calendar, but it would be very difficult to put that in the same plugin as the fantasy calendar. Other than that, it should be a piece of cake to convert my fantasy calendar to an accurate one. 

I am not completely done with the system just yet. Some functions are not yet included, like the debuffs for hunger, thirst and fatique or the actual option to skip time.

However, this is not hard to create, and I know exactly what to do. So if everything goes right, I will be done with the plugin later today!

The thing that will take up most time and afford now, is making the whole help section, in which I need to explain how the plugin is to be used. 

I will release the full plugin later this week, during my twitch stream on Saturday!*

(*I will do what I can to include all features before the first release, but if I can't make it, I will add some features later on. I will not include them if they are finished in time. Although, I don't see any real reason why I wouldn't be ready in time. The core features are all finished and that was by far the most work.) 

Special thanks to ShadowDragon and Mac15001900 on rpgmakerweb, for helping me figuring out how to make the core run in the background. Even though I refused to tell you what it was for.