Happy 2023!

Welcome to my website. Or if you've been here before: Welcome back.

It has been a bit quiet around here in 2022. I worked a lot, but not much on my game. Well, I did do some programming, but I didn't make much progress in my main project: BiteMe. Unfortunately, because I had a really good start. 

In 2023, I will work on my project more often, but my project is going to change. Right now it is 1 huge project, in which I try to tell a story and also try to offer a good balanced card game. I can do one and I can do the other, but not together in one single project. 

The funny thing is: Years ago this started out as a story driven RPG, named BiteMe!Twins. While I was working on this, I also fiddled with new ways to make games. I made board game systems, card game systems, chatbot game systems (in which you actually chat with the AI), a time/calendar system, all while I was also working on my main project.

With most systems it went like this: 

  1. I'm working on BiteMe!Twins 
  2. I get an idea for a complicated system
  3. I'm convinced it isn't possible
  4. I wonder if I can do it all by myself
  5. I start a new project
  6. I get obsessed by this new idea
  7. I work on it day-and-night
  8. I finally have it working
  9. I instantly get bored by it
  10. I go back to working on BiteMe!Twins
It went like this about 50 times. By now I have many different versions of BiteMe on my hard drive: 
  • BiteMe!Twins
    • (The original RPG)
  • BiteMe!1988
    • (Side story RPG)
  • BiteMe!RPG
    • (Remake of BiteMe!Twins with a choice based battle system)
  • BiteMe!Puzzles
    • (Mini games based on BiteMe!Twins)
  • BiteMe!Tactical
    • (Remake of BiteMe!Twins with tactical battle system)
  • BiteMe!BattleMode
    • (Remake of BiteMe!Twins with active battle system)
  • BiteMe!Shelter
    • (Fallout Shelter like game based on BiteMe!Twins)
  • BiteMe!Dice
    • (Board game based on BiteMe!Twins)

And then I made BiteMe!Cards... (Yes, a card game based on the BiteMe series!) This time I did not get bored with the system right away. Actually, it is still my absolute favorite. I worked so much on it, that I hardly ever touched Twins anymore. I hated that, but I just loved working on the card game. 

So I had a new game to add to the list, next to my main project:
  • BiteMe!Cards
    • (Card game based on the BiteMe series)

I thought it would be amazing, but impossible to combine the games so I could work on BiteMe!Twins and BiteMe!Cards at the same time. And since I was convinced it was impossible, I had to try if I could do it. So I did.

There was yet another version of the game I could add to my series:
  • BiteMe!StoryMode
    • (Remake of BiteMe!Twins with BiteMe!Cards as battle system.)

I did it! I achieved my goal! I could finally work on the story with gameplay that won't get bored quickly. People loved this game and this is my baby, my love child. 

But then I got a full time job. And it is really hard to have a full time job and a love child. There is just not enough time in a day. So to keep my love child alive, I need to cut it back down to multiple smaller projects. With smaller projects, I can work on a project a few hours a day after my day job, and actually get stuff done.

BiteMe!StoryMode will stop to exist soon. For those (2 players) who payed for the full season, I won't forget about them! They will get the full RPG and they will get the full card game, for free. And because they are the first 2 people to support me, I'll throw in all the mini games based on the series as soon as they are released.

In 2023 I plan to release both the RPG and the card game. The card game is already fully made and ready to be released. I just want to add many more cards before I offer it as a download.
(Right now it is only available for those who bought the full series)

I feel like 2023 is going to be my year... I hope you all feel the same way. 

Happy new year!